Friday, March 25, 2011

The Mushroom Asparagus Tarts

If this recipe looks familiar, it's because you read Epicurious and it was a featured spring recipe this week. Far be it from me to ignore what the marketing team of a web site I like tells me to do. Originally I picked this to serve ahead of The Pasta Primavera, but I had a lot of food already that night in the main course and didn't feel like going through the making of this. 

Instead I invited Ali over for dinner with me and the Thrifty Sifter the other night and we got to eating. Ali reports that her leftover tarts that I gave her made an excellent breakfast, whilst mine made an excellent lunch.

Flattened puff pastry shells. My grocery didn't have the sheets the day I went. 

This here is a makeshift rolling pin. 

Mostly square pastries. 

Mushrooms they are a satuéing. 

Everyone's ready to bake!

Some pretty awesome salad. This had red lollo, cucumber, apple, tomato, carrot, endive, and celery. The dressing used three tablespoons of Coleman's dry mustard, white wine vinegar, fresh thyme (about a tablespoon), salt, pepper, and olive oil.

Ms. Yum Veggie Burger and Ms. Thrifty Sifter. 

Mr. Cooks Dinner

Mr. Cooks Dinner cooks dinner. 

Tartlets complete!

We ate this all up!

A nice, Spring snowy view. 

Ali's dessert fondue!

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