Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Night of Julia Child

Thor's Day is my favourite day. I'm not sure why. After all it's not a weekend...if you have a job in normal hours you still have to get up early. There usually aren't bar specials. You're still not done with work. And still, even though it's not best for me to stay up late nor do I get to sleep in, I love it.

So when my friend Laura commented on a post promoting The Glorious Chicken asking when she was going to get to come for dinner, I invited her on a Thursday. When my friend Sal wanted to see what I was up to on Mars Day and I was busy with the Thrifty Sifter, I naturally invited him over for dinner as well.

And of course I then wanted the Thrifty Sifter over for the festivities. Then, well, I learned Lauren was having her birthday the day before and invited her over. As you can see, it snowballed from there.

But then the menu had snowballed as well. Having just discovered duck bacon and wanting to try out Julia Child's recipe for filets tournedos wrapped in bacon, I cracked open my copy of Mastering the Art of French cooking and looked over the recipes. And, well, then I got carried away and decided not only to make the tournedos, but sautéed potatoes and tomates à la provençale. It ended up being a night of Julia Child.

I did most of the shopping the night before, so when it came to the night of the event I really just needed the Thrifty Sifter to model my salad bowl.

What we call filet mignon is actually usually filet tournedos or just plai filets. Filet mignon, as their name implies, are small. Here you can see what I would assume are probably filets, but will call filets tournedos. Next to them is a chicken breast for Lauren, who don't eat no red meat. 

Through the course of the evening we figured out that the white bread rounds called for from the recipe were great for ensuring the juice of the filets didn't spill over to other parts of the dish. Here I've prepared the bread and mushrooms for the madeira sauce. 

Madeira and corn starch mixture. 

Preppig the tomatoes for roasting. 

Peeled little red potatoes being sautéed. 

Sal had never been to my place before and examined my pot rack, the saga of its installation having been read on Facebook previously. 

The Thrifty Sifter, Lauren, and Laura chat while I cook. 

The sautéeing potatoes start to brown. 

The tomatoes are ready to roast. 

And we're ready to eat dinner. Overhead lights were turned on for photographic evidence. 

Sal looks over the salad. 

Almost ready to eat.  You'll notice these are not wrapped in bacon. Apparently the duck bacon was a flash in the pan in my grocery store. Hope they carry it again soon.

The Thrifty Sifter discusses ideas of import. 

Laura looks over her plate. 

Lauren gets down with the chicken. 

 I believe Laura approves.

Sal is ready for more salad. 

By this point we were through about six bottles of wine between the five of us. 

And so it was time for bed. 

Your soundtrack for this entry: Nerf Herder - Pervert