Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Cup o' Noodles

According to the ubiquitous Wikipedia, there are an assortment of 20 or more different types of Cup Noodles. Most Americans would call these "Cup o' Noodles" (as I have) because Cup Noodles doesn't sound right. Normally I get the Maruchan packaged ramen noodles, but Nissin's Cup Noodles has a deeper history and was on sale in a family pack. If you want to try something fun, go to Maruchan's web site and try to visit the sales representatives section.

This recipe is relatively easy to follow. You'll want to start by opening the package. I tend to rip off the outer cardboard wrapper first, then peel off the cellophane.

Heat up your water on high in a standard tea pot. You can also use a pot or sauce pan to heat the water, but I find the pouring later on in the process to be slightly more difficult with those implements. 

I like to open the top of the cup as little as possible. It helps keep the heat of the water in more and, I believe, speeds up the noodlefication process which goes on inside. 

Keep the lid closed using a fork or chop sticks. After two minutes, open and eat. 

Your soundtrack for this entry: William Shatner - Common People

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