Monday, August 9, 2010

The Actual Tacos/The Ingredient

Yes, yes, YES! I neglected to post the final product yesterday. You know what? It's not all lost because when I make tacos I make enough for at least three meals. Mostly that's because it's hard to find recipes for single people or even couples a lot of the time. Serves 6!?! Who has six people over that often?

Look, I love my girlfriend and my friends, but I spend a lot of time alone, too. Where are my recipes? If anyone reading this can point me in the direction of a food blog geared toward dinner for one so I can use it on those occasions I'm alone, I would be very grateful.

Today's "leftovers" are not really leftovers. My taco recipe actually gets better after a day (or three). It may be the acids in the various ingredients working their magic breaking down the chicken meat and mixing the flavours, but whatever it is it's great. In this batch I also added an eighth of a teaspoon of Blair's 3 A.M. Reserve Ingredient.  My best friend purchased this for my birthday, had it signed by the creator, and we finally uncorked it last week in a chili which generally went undocumented for this blog.

However, my friend Leandra snapped the below photo of me trying the Ingredient for the first time. It's a sneaky thing. At first you won't think it's hot at all, then your whole gastrointestinal tract heats up and your mouth is on fire for fifteen minutes. I love spicy food, as you will learn while this blog grows.

Most people who were there said "Never again," "You're insane," or "Why am I friends with you?"

As an aside, I found this for you Yum Veggie Burger. Try some on your next cookout. You have to love that honey contains boron, one of the coolest elements.

Your soundtrack for this entry is Snake River Conspiracy - Sonic Jihad.


  1. thanks for the link, Jeremy!
    maybe my chocolate addiction is the cause of my nymphomania... that would explain a lot ;)

    I have to say though... what's wrong with leftovers? I love that most of what I cook (even from scratch, making it up as I go, without a recipe) yields enough to save for later meals.
    Otherwise, can you just halve or quarter the recipe? I do that mostly for baking but I've done it for some other types of recipes as well. Made a half recipe of salsa this afternoon, in fact. I would think tacos would work pretty well for this, since you'd just have to cook less meat, right? It only gets tricky when things like eggs get involved... because who wants to try to make something with "half an egg" in it?

  2. I hate always having leftovers and cutting a recipe in half or quarters doesn't usually result in no leftovers.

    It's probably easier on you as a vegetarian since a lot of the food you would use to create the base of a dish is sold in bulk and can be easily stored (grains, vegetables, fruits).

    I've never seen a singleton chicken breast sold, for instance, and I'm not always in the mood for chicken two days in a row.

    There are certainly ways to save leftovers or portion ingredients, but it would be nice to make dinner for one instead of dinner for one three times over. You know, once in a while. Invariably about 80% of the time at least one serving of leftovers goes to waste.

  3. Beautiful blog, Jeremy - in intent and illustration.

    Your affection for the activity causes my taste buds to explode.

  4. Thanks Mr. Brown. Or can I call you Doc Brown now for the hell of it?